Extra Motion - Events Tourism
Right in the center of the country, in the county of Penacova (and neighboring counties), from the summit of the Sierra Atalhada to Sierra Bussaco (passing by the valleys of the River Mondego, Bookstore Mondego, valley of River Alva, Lorv√£o, among others), enjoy, in a amusing way, of magnificent natural landscapes, cultural, gastronomic and historical wealth of this region.
          Buggy Rides
Aboard one of our buggies and in full autonomy, immerse yourself in an intense mix of adrenaline and pleasure, visiting places of difficult access, unique beauty and historical and cultural wealth. We have to give you, from the first experience of buggy and mini-tours / tours with roadbook to large thematic routes with GPS navigation, assisted navigation and audio guide (XTM platform).
          MTB (Mountain Biking)
From the summit of the Sierra Atalhada (Penacova), more specifically the "Circuit Atalhada", you have at your disposal trails and fantastic paths to practice mountain biking, from the easiest to the most radical. Leave you four wheels safely in the parking lot of the Circuit Atalhada and proceed on two wheels to conquer hills and valleys. In the end, for your convenience, we have at your disposal bathhouses for a hot and reinvigorating shower and (soon - MTB center) a washing and maintenance station to your bike. (soon).
          Hiking / Mountain Running / Trail
Starting from the Atalhada Circuit, walking or running, walking or training, enjoy endless paths and trails, excellent for practicing these activities. At the end of the tour or training, returning to the Atalhada Circuit you have at your disposal, showers with excellent conditions for an invigorating shower. (soon)
          Activities / Group Events / Corporate
For a group of friends or a company event, we organize activities and entertainment events, radicals, team building, treasure hunts, paintball, buggies activities, among others ... there are no limits to the imagination. Challenge yourself and let us challenge you!

Alone, in a group of friends, or activities / corporate events, venture with Extra Motion Events Tourism!